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Concrete Mixing Equipment Hire

Best at hire is your local UK tool hire centre.

We stock a wide range of concrete mixing equipment including, Belle concrete mixers, mixing paddles, vibrating plates, petrol powered screeds, vibrating pokers, air scabblers, plus much more.  It has never been so simple to hire the equipment you need to mix, lay, compact and finish concrete. Our range includes everything you need for every step of the process.  Whether you work in the trade or you are a domestic customer Best at hire have a wide range of equipment to suit all requirements. We stock 1000′s of tools, not just concrete mixing equipment, so please give us a bell to order today.

Collection from over 70 UK wide branches – find a branch near you. We deliver to anywhere in the UK.

Trade accounts
Trade accounts are also available to business users. We have 1000’s of tools for hire. Find out about our trade accounts today and get set up within 24 hours (subject to status).

Need help?
If you can’t find what you are looking for, or just need some advice, call us on 0844 272 2381 and speak to one of our hire experts.